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A Sample School Day at STA

7:15-7:40 Independent Reading 
Reading is the centerpiece of any strong school. Our librarian works tirelessly to make sure students have their own books that excite and engage them while also pushing their reading comprehension and skills. Students complete daily reading logs with the support of two teachers in their homeroom.

7:40-7:50 Goal Setting, Reflection and Zaps 
Students set goals and reflect on their performance in each core class from the previous day. They watch a video showing exemplar work from each core content and share zaps (or shoutouts) about their peers' successes.

7:50 – 8:00 Vocabulary Practice 
Students practice key vocabulary aligned with the unit for each of the 4 core content classes. Students are both anticipating vocabulary and reviewing previously taught vocabulary in order to be successful during the instructional block.

8:00-8:30 Literature 
As a class, students engage with a rigorous novel so that they have a daily opportunity to analyze and respond to high level text. Students preview important vocabulary and comprehension questions, drive book discussions, read and respond to partner reads and finish with independent reading. A small percentage of kids in the 5th-8th grades who need phonics receive targeted instruction during this time.

8:30-1:30 Instructional Block
Students spend 1 hour each in Math, ELA, History, Science as well as a Sports/STEM elective period. Each content class provides highly differentiated instruction, has at least two content teachers to ensure a low student to teacher ratio, and includes access to a host of technology tools. Our teachers focus on working with small groups, responding to data, and facilitating rigorous and meaningful lessons.

1:30-1:45 Lunch 
Students enjoy lunch and create community in their homerooms, where they thrive in the culture of table runners, class cacti and hot sauce incentives.

1:45-2:10 Writing 
As our students get closer to high school, the ability to express themselves clearly through writing becomes more and more important. In order to succeed at top high schools, our students have targeted, daily writing instruction. During writing, students learn how to identify different types of prompts, create outlines, revise and edit essays, and develop strong final drafts.

2:10-2:35 Math Intervention
The end of the day is a time for students to practice specific math skills that they haven’t yet mastered in class. Math Intervention is a combination of teacher-created videos, online practice, and paper practice. During math intervention, students are in small groups, receiving feedback from their teachers and practicing targeted skills.