Our Values

C is for community:  We work together for a common goal

H is for hard work:  We work hard and do our best to exceed expectation

A is for accountability:  We take ownership of our actions and choices

R is for resilience:  We bounce back and never give up

G is for growth:  We reflect and get better

E is for enthusiasm:  We are excited to learn

Our Mission

100% of SciTech Chargers will be academically, socially, and emotionally prepared to succeed in top high schools, access a full range of life opportunities, and accept the power and responsibility to shape their lives, their community, and their world. 

Our Pillars

Excellent Teaching

  • We believe strong teaching leads to learning, growth, and inspiration for children. Our teachers are mission-driven.
  • We combine best practice, innovation, and data-driven instruction with unconditional love to provide meaningful, differentiated support.
  • Our teachers constantly strive to improve all aspects of their practice and receive rigorous, personalized development as they grow professionally every day.

Whole Child

  • We nurture, develop, and support the whole child. A child who is academically prepared to succeed in high school and beyond has the opportunity to choose from many possible rewarding life paths.
  • Academic excellence must be supported by the social and emotional skills to confidently navigate personal relationships and the real world.


  • We believe life and learning are grounded in context and relationships. We are committed to making our school a loving community where students, families, and staff all feel valued and known.
  • We believe that our community is stronger when schools and families team up to support kids from every angle.
  • We know that our work is stronger and our solutions are better when they incorporate the diverse strengths and perspectives of all members of our community.
  • We create opportunities for students to impact their neighborhoods and for partners to impact our school.


  • We provide a cross-curricular STEM education experience.
  • The fabric of the future will be stitched with jobs and systems that have not yet been imagined. In order for our students to be leaders and creators of tomorrow, they must be developing 21st Century skills today.
  • We strive to integrate science, technology, engineering, and math across content classes and set aside time to pursue it for its own sake.